Marketing Digital/Mobile

Technically a good digital marketing is 50% human psychology and 50% statistical. The human intelligence of a team dedicated to the study of the end customer habits and trends (which are constantly changing) adding the latest generation tools that allow us to reach him. We work on inbound and outbound marketing, and we can offer these powerful tools:

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Landing pages mobile dynamic editor.
We create Landing Pages intuitively and easily through our dynamic editor. You can work your communication with images, videos and interactive elements to customize your landing page and send it to your customers via SMS or Social Networks.

Advanced SMS with sending platform You will use SMS as an instrument for acquiring contacts and advertising beyond simple Text SMS With this platform you can control advanced analytics in order to obtain a graph of the results in your SMS Marketing campaigns. Custom app integrated into the platform.
We develop your mobile app for Android and ios, customize it with your corporate image and We integrate our digital marketing tools: create loyalty campaigns, serve your customers, communicate quickly and directly ... Mailing platform Manage your databases, send your campaigns in a combined way through our mailing and SMS platforms.
You can build your emails with our exclusive advanced and intuitive editor and get detailed tracking and delivery statistics. Analysis program for mobile campaigns.
With our analytical measurement tools you can always have a detailed study of The results of your digital marketing campaigns: weaknesses, strengths and strategies to maximize your audience. CRM integrated. We will create your customer relationship and data management program tailored to integrate it with all our Digital marketing tools All controlled from in one place.
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