Digital Marketing / Social Network Management

A quality technical team formed by Social Media Managers, Community Managers and Conten Creators among others, spread throughout the Spanish geography, will design and create The most developed marketing plan to reach users with the most appropriate message for your company. We have a team of more than 100 Community Manager graduates and experts in all types of sectors.
In this way we guarantee: Specific competence, dedication and passion at affordable costs.

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We define the objectives of the campaigns in Social Networks and propose the actions to be carried out.
An editorial calendar is prepared every month with the different publications on social networks for next month, including recommended images, texts, hastags ... You will know exactly what is published and when.

We publish the contents included in the editorial calendar in social networks. At optimal times so your followers don't know lose detail If you need it, we can also respond to messages sent by users We promote outstanding publications in order to get more followers and potential customers. If necessary, we manage contests, sweepstakes, campaigns ... Only by publishing content you will not achieve growth.
In addition to optimizing images and texts to capture as many followers as possible, we will carry out promotions to capture new users interested in your products, in your specific area of ​​influence. We monitor the follow-up of the different publications. Each month ricibiras a detailed report of the evolution of your social networks, the most prominent publications, the profile of your followers (age, sex, location) and the new measures to be taken to improve the results, if necessary.
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