Help companies and freelancers Coronavirus

Por Worldigipoint a 27/04/2020
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Who offers the help?

Help for companies and freelancers for the Coronavirus !! Worldigipoint does its bit during the coronavirus crisis by helping you, entrepreneur or freelance. You can already benefit to advance your digital project, just from today !!

To whom?

There are many of you employers or self-employed confined at home without knowing the future that awaits you after the coronavirus or covid19 crisis.
We give you a lot of courage to face this crisis, we know when this bad dream has started but we don't know when it will end, and that is why it is necessary to rethink your work system, from now on !! You have great business capacity and you have extensive experience in the sector in which you are working. Now you have time to think, it is time to plan how you want your business to be in the digital way and you can now enjoy this help for companies and freelancers.


Times of crisis of the Coronavirus

Since the coronavirus or covid-19 crisis has arrived, they have only increased the demands to create digital work systems. It is obvious that there will be a before and an after to the way of doing business since the arrival of the coronavirus; company meetings, staff readiness, the conception of new working methods in digital mode that were not previously taken into account.

At the government press conference apart from announcing the measures it is taking to combat the economic crisis that will precede companies and self-employed (with financial aid for them), he also said that he was committed to achieving improvements so that companies can join the digital world, to offer better service to citizens and a way of working more updated than that which many workers have been carrying out so far.

Examples of digital business aid

Aid to restaurants It comes to provide a solution for all restoration businesses that do not yet offer the option of managing orders digitally: the goal is to be able to manage orders easily through its website and include the home delivery service that many pizza restaurants have used for years, (now they are demanding that we implement this system).

In dental clinics we have already implemented the appointment system in an easy and digital way: in the product package of web for dental clinics that we develop, different modes of contact and location are offered. This allows giving a better user experience at all times and offering a better service; both the company and the client carry out managements through the web oriented to dental clinics.

For many of the problems that happen at a business, the digital world offers solutions. Who would say that a worldwide wine shipping program allows that an automated transport chain continues running and permit the wine to reach the final buyer anywhere in the world knowing at all times where each one of the bottles is? Even due to the state of alert that the country lives, it is possible to know where those bottles are through the custom programming that we create.
A few years ago it would seem that you could not have it, but with programming today you can achieve almost anything.
As professionals in Digital Marketing we offer solutions to make your life as an entrepreneur and self-employed person easier and to optimize your resources in a way that you can benefit from them, saving on costs and time in order to give a better service.

The digital assets that every company or freelance should have in 2020

  • Corporate image that differentiates you from the rest, that people recognize you as soon as they see your logo.
  • A Web page “this is your site” to give complete and professional information about what you offer, with different sections and options so that they can contact you.
  • One or more social networksappropriate to capture the potential customer we want, from this base you can gradually increase your digital assets as you grow.
  • Un CRM (for people control) and an ERP (for items control)

The help for companies and self-employed

  • The aid for freelancers and entrepreneurs is a free consulting on the state of your website (Valued at € 100). We will tell you the errors you have and what can be done to correct them; We will also give you guidelines so that you can progress in your business.
  • In the case of being self-employed or entrepreneur and not having a website, as a help with the coronavirus crisis we offer you the web for free !!. Offering you a special offer in which you will only have to pay the maintenance per month with a pack that includes hosting and maintenance, you also have other products at very reasonable prices and with very professionally finishes.
  • The aid for companies that already have a digital platform running is the validation of your company, the validation of your company so you can continue climbing in your business. For this, we have a C.R.O. analytics specialist who provides a comprehensive business review, calculating the return you currently have and the one you can reach. We help you with the first study (valued at € 250) for free.

In view of the fact that the state of alert in which we live, the Digital Marketing Agency in Sabadell (Barcelona) Worldigipoint wants to collaborate with all companies of the state and that offers to help freelancers and entrepreneurs in the treatment of the digital media, delivering special offers on custom products. In this way, many businesses can remain active working from home or from anywhere in the world.
We create your custom digital assets and you can also visit the list of some of our products from here !!