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Hi, I'm Peter !! Manager and advisor of digital resources (Digital Asset Management). Since the coronavirus crisis, our help to companies to go digital has been key to continue working, the help to companies for the coronavuris will continue in all sectors For this we work giving a great coverage with products to cover the main needs of image and business through digital technology. There is a before and after since the coronavirus crisis to carry out a traditional business, it has been found that digitized businesses are being better than traditional ones they are not in digital mode, that is why we invite you to visit our products studied by sectors with specific options. . Peter

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What is the mission of a Digital Resource Manager?

The digital resource manager is responsible for optimizing all digital resources in convenience and benefit of the one who wants to undertake or develop a business, make yourself known digitally and achieve set goals by guiding metrics to reach the goal.

To achieve that goal, I have a team of professionals each specialized in their areas: expert programmers, Social media Managers, Community Managers, Content Creators, analytical experts. With over 30 years of programming experience, communication and Social media, we will achieve the goal you want so much. Consult me without obligation.

Agencia de Marketing digital en sabadell

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Starting business in 2020 is more complex if you don't know the paths you have to take !!!

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